Nishina Asia Award

2017年(第5回)Nishina Asia Award 受賞者

第五回仁科アジア賞はHongming Weng氏に決定しました

The 2017 (the fifth) Nishina Asia Award is awarded to Dr. Hongming Weng, Professor, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China for “his theoretical contributions to the discovery of Weyl semimetals.”

2016年(第4回)Nishina Asia Award 受賞者

第四回仁科アジア賞は Seok Kim氏に決定しました

2016 (the Forth) Nishina Asia Award is awarded to Dr. Seok Kim, Associate Professor, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea, for “Evaluation of Supersymmetry Indices of M2 and M5 Brane Theories”

2015年(第3回)Nishina Asia Award 受賞者

第三回仁科アジア賞は Ke He氏に決定しました

2015 (the Third) Nishina Asia Award is awarded to Dr. Ke He, Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, for “his outstanding contributions to the first experimental realization of the quantum anomalous Hall effect.”

2014年(第2回)Nishina Asia Award 受賞者

第二回仁科アジア賞は Y.Zhang氏に決定しました

2014 (the Second) Nishina Asia Award is awarded to Dr. Yuanbo Zhang, Professor, Dept. of Physics, Fudan University, Shanghai, China, for his outstanding contributions to the elucidation of electronic properties of monolayer and bilayer graphene.”

2013年(第1回)Nishina Asia Award 受賞者

2013/8/19 第一回仁科アジア賞は S. Minwalla 氏に決定しました

2013 (the First) Nishina Asia Award is awarded to Dr. Shiraz Minwalla, Professor, The Dept. of Theoretical Physics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, for “his seminal work which uncovered the deep relation between the equations of fluid dynamics and Einstein’s equations of General Relativity.”