About Nishina Memorial Foundation

Dr. Yoshio Nishina originated the study of nuclear physics in Japan and trained many young Japanese scientists in that field. After his passing in 1951, the Nishina Memorial Foundation was founded in 1955 with the objective of promoting physics in Japan, encouraging young and able scientists and encouraging exchange of science and culture between Japan and other countries in order to commemorate the great scholar.

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Ceremony of 2013 (the 1st) Nishina Asia Award
The ceremony of 2013 Nishina Asia Award and the public lecuture by the prize winner will be held at Koshiba Hall of the University of Tokyo at 15:30-17:30 on March 6. The public lecture, entitled "The Fluid and Gavity Correspondence", will be presented by Prof. Shiraz Minwalla, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India.
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Activities of the Nishina Memorial Foundation

  1. Awarding Nishina Memorial Prize to those who have achieved excellent result in physics.
  2. Conducting or sponsoring lecture meetings on physics.
  3. Inviting to Japan eminent scientists to give lectures on physics List of invited scientists
  4. Dispatching abroad those scientists who carry on research in physics.
  5. Inviting young foreign researchers in the field of physics from developing countries to conduct research in Japan. List of Nishina Research Fellows
  6. Publication for disseminating knowledge on physics.
  7. Executing all other matters requisite to the achievement of the above objectives.
  8. Awarding Nishina Asia Award